Diamonds: The fashion digital coin that will liberate your closet

What are Diamonds?

Diamonds are a fashion coin that allows you to buy and sell clothes and accessories on the Trench app. The Diamonds are digital and can currently be used on Trench only. You can always access your Diamonds through your Trench personal wallet.

Diamonds are the sole currency on Trench.

How do I earn Diamonds? / How do I get more Diamonds?

To earn Diamonds, upload and sell fashion items you no longer use. The better the item, the more Diamonds you can get. Check our pricing section for further information on how to price.

To get you started, you’ll receive grace diamonds from us, when you upload your first item.

Can I buy the Diamonds or sell them?

Diamonds cannot be bought or sold for dollars. The only way to get them, is by selling items other people will want. This keeps Trench fresh with great items and guarantees that the more items you sell, the better access you’ll have to other closets.

Trench is not about making money, it’s about allowing us to constantly renew and have the never-ending closet we desired.

Why not Dollars?

Have you ever tried selling an item on a 2nd hand store, app or website before? If so, you are probably very familiar with losing the very most of the value you originally spent on the item.

You’re probably also thinking that you’re spending too much money on clothes you barely wear.

The Diamonds give a solution to both! Shop at no expense and part from items you don’t wear without regrets.

So by not using dollars, you’ll get the full value of the items that you’re selling, you’ll be able to shop for more fashion items with the Diamonds income and you can hit the sell button on an item you bought, at any given point and sell it for even the same price you got it for.

Think about it as a huge library of clothes where you can get something, wear it as much as you like, and “return” it to whenever you want.

After you use Diamonds a bit, you’ll see that it removes any sense of commitment towards the items you buy.

How do the Diamonds work?

  • Upload and sell items you no longer wear.
  • Set the price in Diamonds.
    If after you upload, you don’t get any requests, it’s usually for one of the following reasons:
  1. Price is too high
  2. Picture doesn’t do justice to the item

  • Use the Diamonds you get to shop at your favorite closets.

If you don’t have enough Diamond for an item you want, sell more. If you have lots and lots of Diamonds- Congrats! You’re rich and you’ll be able to grab the best and most expensive items on Trench before anyone else can even consider them.

Tired of the item? Hit the sell button on the item’s page. You can even sell it for the same price you got it for and edit the pictures and description as well.

Can I use them elsewhere?

Not yet :) Currently, they’re all about getting free clothes in exchange to ones we all know you’re never really wear again… We just made sure you’ll get what you really deserve for them.

Got the diamond thing, But how do I price my items in diamonds? To learn more about pricing with diamonds, check out out pricing tutorial HERE