How to deliver or get items?

You bought, you sold, now you need to deliver or receive your item.

To do just that you can do one of the following - we promise it's easy breezy!


1 - Delivery Spots

This is the best option for those of you with crazy schedules.

TRENCHies can use Delivery Spots. Each of these spot is at a set, central, easily accessed location and the Trench items will find a warm home there from the second the seller drops them off, to the second the buyer picks them up.
You answer to no one's schedule but yours! Drop off the item or pick it up when convenient for you.

Available delivery spots:

  1. Altschul hall, 1st fl. (Barnard students only)
  2. Wien hall

It is up to the seller to give options for a delivery method. It is up to the buyer to choose which one of the options works best. Don't see a preferable delivery method in the seller's picks - not to worry! You can always contact the seller using the TRENCH chat to coordinate.

2 - I’ll drop @ your dorms (For dorms with a doorman only)

Choose this option and use TRENCH's chat to exchange housing information for an easy drop-off @ the buyer's doorman!

3 - In-Person

Choose this option if you have another delivery method or location in mind. Coordinate a time and a place which suits you both. Mind you - you can chat at all times during the transaction and even prior to it!

House rules:

  1. . When leaving a package for a fellow TRENCHie:
    • Put the item in a bag, making sure it is sealed tightly.
    • On the package, put a sticker or write with a non-erasable marker the following details.
      • The date of delivery
      • The name of the seller (Name + last name)
      • The name of the buyer (Name + last name)
  2. Sellers! You have got one week to deliver the item to the buyer spot.
  3. If you are delayed and can't deliver the item on time - be kind, let your buyer know.