Selling and Buying on TRENCH

On Trench, every buyer is a seller and every seller is a buyer. The only way to get new clothes, is by selling the items you no longer want for Diamonds. The only way to buy, is by using the Diamonds you earned from selling.

Important to know:

  1. For your convenience we made it possible for you to directly chat with each other at any point of the process.
  2. Bought and item and care to sell it? You can resell an item at any given point. YES - even after you wore it, yes even for the same price! Simply press the "Resell" button on the item's page (will appear only once transaction is completed by you confirming pickup on the app).  

SELLING is satisfying!

OMG! I desperately need a new dress for this weekend’s shindig.. How do I sell my dress from last year and earn Diamonds to buy a new one?

STEP 1 - Get it out there (in other words... Upload)

  1. Go to your closet and choose one of the gazillion items you no longer wear that are in great condition.
  2. Take an amazing photo and upload to TRENCH. Better photos do sell more. so take another second to learn how to take great photos HERE
  3. Price your item fairly according to how much you think it’s worth or feel free to consult our pricing guide HERE
  4. Set the delivery options you'll be providing. For a list of delivery spots HERE


STEP 2 - Go get your Diamonds

  1. Wait for the ‘You got a TRENCH purchase request’ notification to learn someone asked to TRENCH (buy) your item.
  2. If your item is super cool you will possibly receive multiple TRENCH requests for each item - simply choose who you wish to sell to! On TRENCH, unlike anywhere else, you as the seller have the privilege to choose who you sell to.  
  3. Once a buyer was chosen by you we ask them to choose a delivery option from your prefered options list.
  4. Getting the notification saying the delivery spot was set means that it is time to go drop-off the item! No pressure though - you have 7 days to do so.
  5. Packaging time! Before deliverying the package make sure to pack it just right:
    • Put the item in a bag, and make sure it is sealed tightly.
    • Paste a sticker on the bag with the following details:
    • The name of the buyer (Name + last name), The name of the seller (Name + last name). Make sure it's clear who is who :)
    • The delivery date
  6. VERY IMPORTANT- When delivery is completed (Hurray!)  take a second to go onto the item page on TRENCH and confirm the item was delivered to let your buyer know to come pick it up. Until you click that button, it's as if you never dropped it off....
  7. Ah! Almost forgot, we will also let you know when the item arrived to it’s new home.

House rules:

  1. . When leaving a package for a fellow TRENCHie:
    • Put the item in a bag, making sure it is sealed tightly.
    • On the package, put a sticker or write with a non-erasable marker the following details.
      • The date of delivery
      • The name of the seller (Name + last name)
      • The name of the buyer (Name + last name)
  2. Sellers! You have got one week to deliver the item to the buyer spot.
  3. If you are delayed and can't deliver the item on time - be kind, let your buyer know.

BUYING is fun!

Wow! I just saw an item that I “SIMPLY MUST HAVE!” in my closet! Let’s see... I have the Diamonds, now how do I make it mine?

  1. Don't have the Diamonds? Try to upload something you believe will sell extremely fast to get more!
  2. Press on the ‘Trench it’ button at the bottom of the item page.
  3. Congratulations! the deal is nearly complete! Now the seller needs to confirm the sale to you for the item to be yours. You can checkout the tab at the top right side of the screen that the deal is waiting for the seller’s approval.
  4. Once the request is approved, you receive a notification and a text message to your phone letting you know the item is yours!
  5. Choose a delivery method from the list the seller approved, or use the private chat to coordinate with the seller an alternative pick-up spot to the ones on the list. You can contact the seller prior to the request or at any stage.
  6. No worries, the moment the seller drops off the item at the agreed upon pick-up spot, you receive a notification stating that the item was dropped off for you at the selected location.
  7. Go get your new item and try it on!  Take one more second to let the seller and us know you got your item using the ‘confirm arrival’ button. 
  8. Remember, you can always sell any item you bought on Trench. Even for the same price!
  9.  Simply click the 'Sell' button on the item's page. You'll see the button after you complete your purchase and confirm it arrived to you.
  10. Pay attention – the seller has one week from the day of purchase to drop of your goodies!

You got an amazing new item and it didn’t cost you a dime - what could be a better way to kickoff your day?