5 Tips to get you TRENCHed

There are loads of tiny, easily implemented things you can do to increase your sales. They are so simple and take no extra time, so really, it would be a shame not to use them.

Here are our 5 tips to get you TRENCHed;

  1. Good photos sell! - Taking good photos will increase your sale by 80%! Here are the thumb rules for taking a great photo of your item:

    • Always take photo in the day-time and make sure the photo is not too dark or blurry.

    • Take photos wearing the items yourselves so that your buyers can really appreciate them!

    • Another option- Remove a picture off your wall, use the screw on the wall to hang the item on a hanger and take a professional photo. Make sure the background is clear to get the desired effect.

    • If you have the original photos from the store you got them at, add them as well!

    • Make sure to leave enough headspace around the item. This is a great trick to make the photos look better on the feed.

  2. Style is everything! - Like someone’s style? - use the “closet crush” feature and be the first to know when they upload a new item!
  3. Quality Counts! - Uploading items in less then a great condition will make the buyers flee towards the hills and in the long-run can decrease your sales by 50% and more!

  4. Community rules! - TRENCH is above all a community. Our TRENCHies are a supportive bunch who LOVE fashion. Be courteous, consult them on new styles and looks, let them know how much you like their closets - and they will always be on your side!

  5. It’s all about the Diamonds! - When you price with diamonds take a second to think how much you would pay for that item and price fairly, and if the value it holds is properly understood from the photos you took.